Is Cancun Safe?

Cancun is one of the best travel destinations in North America for its beaches, history, food, and nightlife. But, Cancun is a little different from what you could consider a perfectly safe place to spend your holidays.

Naturally, as a major travel destination, Cancun is much more protected than other parts of Mexico. Still, you’ll have to watch your back, especially at night or as a solo traveler.

That said, serious safety issues typically don’t involve tourists but let us elaborate in this complete guide and reply to all your questions about Cancun’s safety.

Is Cancun Airport Safe?

First and foremost, let’s discuss about Cancun airport. With flights coming from all around the globe, from the States to Europe, this will probably be your first place in Mexico.

All things considered, Cancun airport is safe with many duty-free shops and restaurants.

From here, you’ll be able to call a taxi or jump into a shuttle to reach the hotel area. It’s worth noting that all tourists entering the Quintana Roo state are subject to a $48 tourist tax that must be paid in advance. You can get your Visitax today easily and quickly on our website.

Safest Areas in Cancun

Before we dive into the safety precautions and more details, let’s focus on the safest areas where you’ll want to stay in Cancun.

The most popular and one of the safest places in Cancun is the Zona Hotelera – the hotel area. This is where tourists typically stay and are usually not a target for crimes.

In addition, the city center is another place you can safely hang out as a tourist. With many restaurants, street food, and several parks, it’s a nice place where to stay, even as a solo traveler.

Lastly, for paradise feelings, make sure to travel to Isla Mujeres. The island is as safe as it gets, and all tourists, from solo travelers to females and more, can travel around with no issues.

Is Cancun Safe for Female Travelers?

As a general rule of thumb, Cancun is safe for female travelers, especially in hotels and downtown. The city is a major travel destination for tourists globally and, even as a female traveler, the risks of being attacked or involved in crimes are very thin.

Is Cancun Safe for Solo Travelers?

Cancun is generally safe for both men and women traveling by themselves. Of course, common sense should be used, especially during the night and outside the main tourist hubs. Also, Cancun receives thousands of tourists every day, and solo travelers can easily make friends during their vacation.


Safety Tips for Cancun

While Cancun is, as a whole, a safe place to spend your holidays, there are a few guidelines you should always follow, whether as a solo traveler or with your group of friends.

Dress Normally and Avoid Wearing Expensive Accessories

While Mexicans are used to tourists every year and know the difference in fashion, avoiding getting noticed is definitely a good thing in Cancun. Keep your expensive belongings like a watch, jewelry, and also your passport in the safe back at your hotel, unless you go out with friends.

Keep your Belongings Close to You

If you really don’t want to leave your valuable objects at the hotel, then keep them close to you when going around Cancun. For instance, invest in a money belt to keep some cash and wear pants with pockets to store your mobile phone and wallet.

Street Crime Does Happen

Just like in any city around the world, street crime is a thing in Cancun. As mentioned previously, these crimes do not usually target tourists and, instead, only gangs. So don’t be scared of wandering around the city but pay attention to where you’re going and avoid small alleys.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Small alleys, as we just mentioned, are only a small part of the things you should avoid. Use common sense when going out, and always be conscious of what’s happening around you. Naturally, you don’t want to become paranoid on holidays, be remaining aware of your surroundings is always a good thing.

Be Careful When Taking Money Out at the ATM

Other than pickpockets, it’s a known practice for criminals to steal your money while you’re taking money out at the ATM. For this reason, you’ll want to withdraw cash in shopping malls, at the bank, or shops rather than in the street – especially for significant sums of money.

Avoid Getting too Drunk

You’re on vacation, and celebrating with local beer and cocktails is a fun thing when spending time with friends. But, getting too drunk could get you in awkward situations and eventually not be able to go back to your hotel. Needless to say, this is the last thing you want, and you could even lose your belongings.

Book Safe Tours

You’ll find endless fun things to do in Cancun but paying attention to who you book your day tour with is an essential part of the game. Whether you plan to go paragliding, jet-skiing, or scuba diving, make sure to read the reviews online and compare the companies in town.

This isn’t about the company scamming you but, instead, only to make sure they have the right equipment that isn’t outdated – these activities could end up badly if you’re not protected.


Final Thoughts

This was everything you needed to know to remain safe in Cancun. As discussed previously, Cancun is not a dangerous city per se; instead, only petty crimes are usually accepted.

Cancun is safe for families staying in the resort area, couples, female travelers, and solo tourists.

To sum up, go around without showing off your expensive gear, don’t get too drunk tasting all the Mexican beers, and always check what’s going on around you. If you carefully listen to your instinct, you shouldn’t feel unsafe in this beautiful part of Mexico. Discover more about the team and vision behind by exploring our ‘About Us’ page, where we share our journey and commitment to enhancing your travel experience

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