Discover Tulum: The Ultimate Weekend Guide for Beach Lovers and Adventure Seekers


Once in Tulum

First time in Tulum? Find top dining spots, thrilling activities, safety tips, and transportation options for an unforgettable getaway. Follow our itinerary for a quality weekend escape?

Day 1: Arrival and Beach Adventure


Prepare for a day, in Tulum! Arrive at Cancún International Airport. Make your way to Tulum, a scenic 90 minute drive away. Consider using a shuttle service or renting a car from known companies like Hertz or Avis for a smooth journey.

Safety Reminder:

Make sure your rental car has insurance coverage and check for any damages before hitting the road. Stick to lit and populated areas especially if you’re driving at night.

Mid Morning:

Head over to Playa Paraíso, the stunning beach jewel of Tulum. Feel the sand beneath your feet. Enjoy the crystal clear waters. Remember to keep an eye on your belongings and avoid leaving valuables unattended while you soak up the sun.


Treat yourself to a meal with ocean views at “Nomade” or “Casa Malca,” known for their Mediterranean and Mexican cuisine. Enjoy seafood tacos and flavorful ceviche as you take in the beauty of the ocean.


Immerse yourself in history at the Tulum Ruins perched elegantly on the cliffs. Explore the city and capture breathtaking photos, with the Caribbean Sea as your backdrop. Stay hydrated. Apply sunscreen to shield yourself from the suns rays.

In the evening:

Relax with a sunset yoga session or a calming massage, at your hotel. Many places to stay provide wellness services to help you unwind after a day of exploring.

For dinner:

Indulge in an adventure at “Arca” or “Hartwood” known for their farm to table dishes and cozy atmosphere. Make sure to make reservations of time to secure your table.

Nighttime entertainment:

Immerse yourself in Tulum’s nightlife at “Gitano” where mezcal cocktails and live music combine to create a vibe. Dance the night away under the stars. Soak in the feel of the place.

Day 2: Exploring the Jungle and Cenotes

Cenote Ik-kil near Chichen Itza, Tulum

Morning activities:

Kick off your day with a jungle tour of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve. Book your tour through trusted operators like Tulum Tours for an informative experience. Follow your guides directions closely. Stick together with your group throughout.

Mid morning break:

Recharge with nourishing smoothie bowls and avocado toast at “Raw Love” or “Matcha Mama”. Prepare for the days adventures by packing essentials such, as water, snacks and insect repellent.


Grab some bites at taquerias like “Antojitos La Chiapaneca” or “Taqueria Honorio”. Get ready, for some delicious tacos and quesadillas! Look for places that prioritize cleanliness and follow food safety measures.

In the afternoon:

Take a swim. Go snorkeling in the clear waters of “Gran Cenote” or “Dos Ojos”. Make sure to follow the safety instructions given by the staff and avoid areas to stay safe.

During the evening:

Stroll along the beachfront explore shops and art galleries. Discover souvenirs. Immerse yourself in Tulums artistic atmosphere. Stick to lit areas. Steer clear of isolated alleys especially after dark.

For dinner:

Treat yourself to a dinner at “Be Tulum” or “Casa Jaguar” where you can enjoy cuisine with ocean views. Watch the sunset and cherish every moment of your dining experience.

Nighttime fun:

Continue the party at beach clubs like “Papaya Playa Project” or “La Zebra”. Dance to music by DJs sip on cocktails under the starlit sky. Remember to drink and arrange for a ride back, to your place.

Day 3: Departure

In the morning:

Have a breakfast while soaking in Tulum’s beauty one time. Reflect on your experiences. Start planning your next adventure. Check out from your accommodation making sure you have all your belongings before you leave.


Enjoy your moments by the beach relaxing in hammocks and cherishing the peace, around you. Take a swim in the ocean. Say goodbye to this paradise.


Grab a meal with a view at “Taqueria La Eufemia” before making your way to the airport. Tacos and ceviche are choices for a farewell feast. Remember to dispose of your trash and leave the beach clean for others to appreciate.


Complete your check out process at the hotel and arrange transportation to Cancún International Airport. Choose shuttle services or private transfers for a journey back. Depart with memories of Tulum eager to visit soon.

Estimated Total Expenses for an Unforgettable Tulum Weekend

Accommodation (2 nights): $300 – $800
Meals (excluding beverages): $200 – $300
Activities and Tours: $100 – $200
Transportation: $50 – $100
Overall Budget Range: $650 – $1400 /per person

Embark on your Tulum adventure equipped with safety advice for a quality weekend escape! Discover, indulge, and create lasting memories in this haven!