What to do in the Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve and Where to Stay?

The Sian Ka’an nature reserve is one of Mexico’s most fantastic tourist attractions, highly regarded for its multifaceted atmosphere and mesmerizing beauty. This wonderful creation of Mayans couples up with a great ecosystem to make your experience at Sian Ka’an worth remembering.

Speaking of its location, it is situated near Tulum. So if you are looking for a place far from the noise and crowd of Riviera Maya and Tulum, you must visit the Sian Ka’an natural reserve. We know you already want to visit Sian Ka’an, and for that, we are here with all the information regarding this wonder of nature.

A Little about Sian Ka’an

The Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve earned the “Biosphere Reserve” name tag by UNESCO in 1987. The biosphere reserve is a diverse ecosystem with uncommon scientific and natural substances.

The best thing about this UNESCO label is that it assists in preserving such a fragile and important ecosystem from the damage of all kinds, including tourist crowds, environmental pollution, fishing, etc.

Owing to the preservation of Sian Ka’an, it still houses sea animals and different kinds of birds. So for animal lovers, the trip to Sian Ka’an will be a gift worth remembering as it has more than 300 birds of different species, 400 fishes of various types, 100 mammalian animals, and 40 amphibians.

Getting to Sian Ka’an

If you want to go to Sian Ka’an, you have two options in hand to visit the biosphere, and indeed, you can not go to one from the other gateway. So for that, you need first to make up your mind to visit the which part of the biosphere, the inland part or marine:

  1. First, you can go to Punta Allen, a nearby town to Sian Ka’an. It is situated on the coastline and provides one of the best mesmerizing views of marine life of the Sian Ka’an biosphere.
  2. Second, you can visit the Muyil to experience the inland parts of Sian Ka’an, such as wooded areas, mangroves, and lagoons.

Here we will tell you about fun things you can do in both Punta Allen and Muyil so that you can get the best out of your Sian Ka’an trip.

Before we jump right into the best things to do in Sian Ka’an, it’s essential to highlight the $48 tourism tax that needs to be paid before or upon entry into Quintana Roo. On Visitax, the tax can be paid easily and in no more than a couple of minutes.

Getting to Sian Ka’an

Things to do in Punta Allen – the Aquatic Part of Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve

Punta Allen is a very calm village with many fishermen; therefore, you can enjoy delicious fresh seafood. The town caters to less than 400 people and has an ambiance of calmness and tranquillity, with a distinct Caribbean feel. Apart from enjoying your time, these are the best things to do in Punta Allen.

Feel the Punta Allen Beach’s Calmness

One of the most enjoyable spots of Punta Allen is the beach, where you can feel the sea breeze and bright sun over your skin. Though the Caribbean Sea runs along all of Mexico, there is no such word enough for beaches. So when you pack your stuff to Punta Allen, do not forget to put a towel in your bag so that you can sink the calmness of the Punta Allen shore.

Invest Yourself into some Water Actions

As Punta Allen is all about the sea-part of the Sian Ka’an biosphere, you will be wasting the trip if you put yourself for water actions. So when in Punta Allen, you must go snorkeling. To cater to the snorkeling needs of tourists, people from the local community arrange excursions to the reefs to take a swim in the pleasant Caribbean waters to appreciate the spectacular undersea views.

The diving aficionados also find aquatic creatures such as sea turtles, tropical fishes of various kinds, dolphins, and the mesmerizing undersea views highly tempting. On top of that, you may go kayaking or enjoy a ferry ride near the shorelines as well.

El Blanquizal or Sian Ka’an Pond at Punta Allen

El Blanquizal in Punta Allen frequently referred to as the Sian Ka’an pool, is among Sian Ka’an finest treasures. It is a fine-sanded natural pond right in the center of the sea, encircled by ridges and rocks. This peaceful spot has surfaced waters and is ideal for capturing Instagram-worthy clicks while admiring the Caribbean Sea’s splendor.

Have Your Fish for Meal

In Punta Allen, you can go for a fishing trip as well, though you have to bring your fishing stuff. After catching the fish, pay money to the nearby restaurants and get your captured fish for mealtime.

Starry Nights

You will be missing a lot if you do not spend a night in Punta Allen. You will enjoy a lovely twinkling night because you are in a beach village, distant from the metropolitan area, and with minimal electricity. So relax on a deck, terrace, patio, or sit on the sand to watch the sunset, and after that, the star-filled sky to make this Punta Allen trip unforgettable.

Where to Stay in Punta Allen, Sian Ka’an?

Villas Roseliz

Villas Roseliz is a modest family hotel located in the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, directly on the Caribbean coastline. The hotel faces Punta Allen’s beach, with views of the Caribbean Sea from the lobby area, so you will be covered by nature while having a home-like feel.

There are necessary amenities in the rooms and a well-fitted kitchen to make dinners and meals. Besides, they also offer different activities like fishing, canoeing, and snorkeling.

Hotel Sol Caribe

Hotel Sol Caribe is also situated on Punta Allen beach, meaning you can access the sea within minutes.  In addition, they provide many services like laundry cleaning, safety deposit box, packed lunches, private entrance, and much more.

They provide hiking, spa, fishing, puzzle games, cycling, snorkeling, and kids’ fun equipment.

Things to do in Muyil – The Inland Part of Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve

The ancient city of Mayan, the Muyil, is another serene and small area in Mexico. The Sian Ka’an biosphere also has a few restored temples and pyramids that might attract you. Besides visiting the ruins, you can also do other fun things at Muyil, so let us review them.

Things to do in Muyil

Muyil Ruins

Most people prefer to explore the Muyil without visiting the ruins, but it is not something you want to miss. It is not a much-visited part of the Sian Ka’an, and for that, it provides a calm and serene environment.

You will see different edifices at the ruins, but a tall pyramid-like structure known as the Castillo (or castle) is of importance since you can explore the green of the biosphere from that spot.

Take a Broadwalk to the Green

Right at the back of Castillo, you will see a path leading toward the green. By following the path, you will head towards the edge of the lake. Note that the passage to the biosphere is loose gravel, so you might be in trouble with too much mud when it rains.

On the way to Sian Ka’an gate, you will experience different birds, diverse greenery, marshes, and much more, which will be an amazing experience. Plus, this boardwalk will lead you to the lagoons, where you will enjoy a bit of the seaside of Sian Ka’an as well. Though there will be no dolphins or turtles, you will still have much to enjoy.

See the whole Sian Ka’an from Mirador – The Lookout Tower

Few steps after entering the gate of the biosphere of Sian Ka’an, you will see a lookout tower about three stories tall. If you are not phobic to heights, climb the tower and enjoy the 360-degree view of this diverse biosphere. From there, you will realize how enormous this UNESCO’s nature reserve is.

See the whole Sian Ka’an from Mirador

Sian Ka’an Boat Trip

The best part of the Muyil to Sian Ka’an trip is the lagoons. After crossing the pathway, you will see the boat dock at the lagoon. From there, you can get on a boat to cherish the Sian Ka’an diverse nature.

The lagoon water is a crystal with bright blue hues that tend to change as you explore it further. The bright and vast Mexican sky grins down on your face with all its might. You will indulge in nature’s artwork while exploring Sian Ka’an.

After crossing the first lagoon and heading to the second, there is a canal in-between. Numerous small fishes swim down the shallow water of the lagoon, and plentiful birds fly over you. After crossing the second lagoon, there is another canal where you can get a chance to perceive the marine life of Sian Ka’an while floating around it. Note that Mayans built these canals to transport the goods.

Floating In A Sian Ka’an Mayan Canal

Jump off from the boat, obviously, with a life jacket on your chest, and start to explore the lengths of the canal. You will get a closer look at the mangroves and how they are sitting in the water, different kinds of plants.

Besides the flora you will love, the fishes swim along with you down the crystal clear water. Though you will not see any dolphins and turtles as they are abundant in Punta Allen, you will still have much to see.

After enjoying the canal float, you can end your memorable journey of Sian Ka’an and trace back your steps to your hotel (if not going back home).

Where to Stay in Muyil, Sian Ka’an?

Kambulum Nature Eco-Villas

Kambulum Nature Eco-Villas is in Muyil’s outskirts, close to the Caribbean. Muyil Ruins and Tulum Ancient Ruins are nearby monuments, and Tulum Monkey Sanctuary and LabnaHa Ecopark Adventures are two of the island’s sights.

This hotel has an open-air swimming pool and tour/ticket services for your excursions as well. There’s also a complimentary breakfast menu and wifi access.


This hotel has different amenities like a restaurant, pool, two bars, and complimentary breakfasts. Moreover, you will also get free wifi access in all 12 rooms. It is located near the Muyil ruins and Mayan ruins of Tulum, making it the perfect spot to explore Sian Ka’an from Muyil.

Our Final Take About the Sian Ka’an Nature Reserve

The Sian Ka’an nature reserve is full of surprises and incredible sceneries. Whether you choose to travel to the biosphere from Punta Allen or Muyil, you will have an unforgettable experience. The beaches, flora, fauna, and bright Mexican sky will make your relation to nature closer.

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