Haciendas of the Yucatan Peninsula

Haciendas in the Yucatan Peninsula were not only filled with historic Mayan ruins and archaeological sites. In fact, one of the most interesting places to visit is the Haciendas.

The historic buildings found throughout the peninsula date back centuries ago; some structures have been standing for more than 400 years with no sign of degradation.

Henequen has been grown for centuries in the haciendas of the Yucatan Peninsula. In fact, Mexico made a major contribution to the henequen industry.

Henequen was also at times called Mexican gold because of its importance to the economy and culture of Mexico. Most of the henequen was exported to Europe and the United States for rope making.

There are many Haciendas all around Merida that are dated from the 17th to 19th centuries. Since it can be hard to choose the one that fits your needs the most, we will go through the best 7 Haciendas of the Yucatan Peninsula that you can’t miss.

How to Get to the Yucatan Peninsula?

The Yucatan Peninsula is a very popular tourist destination in Mexico with different factors that make it so special. For instance, its tropical climate, rich culture, and archaeological sites.

These are the ways for you to get there.

By Plane – Quick and Convenient

Quick and convenient, you can fly to Cancún (CUN), Cozumel (CZM), and Mérida (MID). Needless to say, you can reach the Yucatan Peninsula from nearly anywhere in the world.

By Car – The Most Adventurous Way

The rural back roads are best explored by car. The Yucatán Peninsula is divided into three administrative regions:

  • Quintana Roo in the east with lots of tourist attractions
  • Campeche to the west of it where many haciendas lie
  • Yucatan with its own amazing culture in the north.

If you plan on driving between these regions, keep in mind police checkpoints may stop traffic at any time—ensure all documents related to renting the vehicle are readily available.

By Bus – Meet Locals and Get Familiar with Mexican Culture

The Yucatán Peninsula is great for those who want to travel by bus. Every city and town has at least one good size terminal with frequent, comfortable buses that are reasonably priced.

What Civilization was Located on the Yucatan Peninsula?

The Yucatan Peninsula was inhabited by the Maya. The Maya people are a group of indigenous inhabitants from Mexico and Central America.

They had lived in the modern-day lands that include Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Campeche, Tabasco, and Chiapas for centuries.

They speak their own language which is still widely spoken among them today.

What were Mexican Haciendas?

Haciendas are a cultural landmark of Mexico and the Mexican culture, heritage, way of life were built on these lands. What made these estates so valuable in the 18th century?

A hacienda is one of the most interesting aspects of Spanish colonialism. They were often used as mines, factories, and plantations which produced a vast number of goods that made them extremely profitable.

They had a lot of different products that they would grow and sell in their regions. For instance, Puebla focused on sugar and Zacatecas focused on Mescal. However, the Yucatan was where henequen or sisal grew best so most haciendas here produced it.

Also, most haciendas employed many workers since it took so many people just to run these estates efficiently.

Haciendas of the Yucatan Peninsula

The haciendas of the Yucatan Peninsula are some of Mexico’s best-kept secrets. Sprawling, ornate estates that have been in the same families for centuries, they offer tourists a glimpse into an opulent lifestyle most people can only dream about.

A luxury hacienda vacation can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Before you start planning or making travel arrangements, make sure that the place you have chosen is truly worthy of such an extravagant trip.

Haciendas of the Yucatan Peninsula

Hacienda Uayamon

Address: Km 20 Carretera Uayamon-China-Edzna, 24530 Uayamón, Camp., Mexico

Best Known For: Nature, the environment, and the luxurious ample rooms

What To Do Around: Visit the Edzna Archaeological Zone and Cenote Miguel Colorado

Hacienda Uayamon is a beautiful colonial mansion located not too far from Campeche, Yucatan.

The hacienda was originally built in 1700 and it has been restored to its original splendor with all the modern amenities for today’s travelers.

You will enjoy this historic landmark that offers an authentic experience of life during the 18th century in Mexico. With its rich history, you can imagine what it would have been like to live as a Spanish nobleman or lady at this time period.

Stay at Hacienda Uayamon and enjoy the luxurious surroundings, from the wood-paneled walls to the hand-carved mahogany doors. Marvel at the magnificent chandeliers in rooms with high ceilings that were hand-painted in gold leaf by artists of Mexico’s renowned San Carlos Institute.

The Hacienda dining room is decorated with fine art pieces including 18th-century landscapes and oil paintings portraying famous Yucatecan scenes.

During the day, have a SPA session and, after dining at night, enjoy sipping on their famous cocktails around the pool.

Hacienda Santa Rosa

Hacienda Temozon

Address: Km 182 Carretera Merida-Uxmal, 97825 Temozón Sur, Yuc., Mexico

Best Known For: The history of the Hacienda, the Cenote inside the property, and the location near Merida

What To Do Around: Discover Merida

The Hacienda Temozon is a popular tourist attraction and resort in the Yucatan Peninsula. This beautiful Spanish colonial Hacienda house is open to walk through or to take guided tours of its splendid interior.

The main house is a 16th-century building with a facade painted in oxblood color. The long swimming pool and manicured lawns make the property feel relaxing and peaceful.

In addition to space that can be used for receptions, there are other rooms such as the library where people enjoy afternoon tea or evening cocktails. All of this while enjoying views of the beautiful garden on top of everything else.

And if that doesn’t sound fancy enough for you, the Hacienda offers a Cenote where you can enjoy a swim or a SPA session.

Just step inside one of two presidential suites which, once, were used by the property owners themselves. Complete with stone bathtubs on terraces overlooking beautiful gardens right out from under your window.

Luxury and comfort are the hallmarks of this restored home, with one or two bedrooms available for rent and private parking for guests who choose to come in their own vehicles. The hacienda is conveniently located just a 40-minute drive from Merida International Airport, or about 25 miles.

Decorative Traditional Design Theatrical Stage.

Hacienda Xcanatun

Address: Calle 20 S/N x 19 y 19A Comisaría Xcanatún, 97302 Mérida, Yuc., Mexico

Best Known For: Their elegant rooms, the excellent food, and the private gardens all around

What To Do Around: The magical atmosphere, the vicinity to Merida, and the wedding events

Hacienda Xcanatun is a hacienda located in the municipality of Merida, Mexico. It is one of the most beautiful and largest haciendas in the peninsula.

Hacienda Xcanatun is surrounded by four acres of lush, tropical gardens and features 18 spacious suites. It combines contemporary accents with regional splendor to make your stay comfortable yet luxurious.

The hacienda also offers a variety of activities such as:

  • Maya language class to learn about Mexico’s heritage
  • Cooking classes to learn how to prepare regional dishes
  • Eco tour of the Hacienda and discover their flora and fauna
  • Tours around Hacienda Xcanatun such as Cenotes, Merida, or Uxmal

Having an event here is truly worth it. Invite friends or family, propose to your other half, and even getting married at the Hacienda is possible and the staff will ensure a magical moment.

Guests will luxuriate in the private suites as they are transported back in time to a once-prominent era when Haciendas were important for their culinary influence.

Should you decide not to stay the night, make sure to take a moment and explore Casa de Piedra’s succulent restaurant. In addition, for romantic and private date ideas around Merida that are secluded from the rest of the world – Capilla is your best bet.

Hacienda Teya

Address: Merida – Peto, Hacienda, 97370 Teya, Yuc., Mexico

Best Known For: Cultural and historical surroundings, their tasty restaurant, and splendid rooms

What To Do Around: Visit Merida, located just a few minutes away by car

Hacienda Teya, the first of many henequen plantations on this part of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, was built in 1857 built by the wife of the Count of Miraflores Doña Ildefonsa Antonia Marcos Bermejo Calderón y de la Helguera.

Teya is a serene, intimate resort on the outskirts of Merida. The six suites make it feel more personal than some larger haciendas and you can take your time appreciating its lovely greenery before dinner in one of their two famous restaurants.

The traditional Yucatecan cuisine with wine pairings has attracted visitors from all around the world such as Hillary Clinton and Sophia the Queen of Spain.

The property is decorated with a colonial baroque entranceway and bell tower which are reminiscent of churches seen throughout the region.

All in all, Hacienda Teya is one of the most unique, well-preserved, and intimate haciendas you can find on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Hacienda San Jose

Address: Km 30 Carretera Tixkokob-Tekanto, 97470 Tixkokob, Yuc., Mexico

Best Known For: The authenticity of the property, its proximity to Chichen Itza, and SPA treatments

What To Do Around: Visit Chichen Itza, the Cenotes, and Playa Puerto Progreso

A stay at Hacienda San Jose will fulfill your every need and desire. You can enjoy a world-class luxury experience while exploring the many historical aspects of our culture that are all around you.

Spend some time resting by one of their elegantly built swimming pools, an area surrounded by tropical greenery for complete relaxation.

This 18th-century hacienda is more than just a sightseeing destination. Visitors can walk the lush jungle paths, get lost in one of the rooms, and make their way to one of the popular attractions nearby.

The proximity to the Maya ruins of Dzibilchaltún and the cenotes nearby make it one of the most convenient haciendas.

Hacienda Santa Rosa

Address: Carretera Mérida Campeche Desviación Maxcanú, 97800 Santa Rosa, Mexico

Best Known For: The vast luxurious rooms, the award-winning restaurant, and the beautiful gardens

What To Do Around: Museo Becal, Cenote Xcanche, and the Catedral de San Servacio

The Yucatan Peninsula attracts many tourists due to the fact that the region is home to a large number of haciendas such as Santa Rosa.

Hacienda Santa Rosa opened in the 17th century, and it still has much of its original Italianate design.

Today, it offers accommodations for visitors in beautiful rooms and suites with ocean views or garden views. The rooms are furnished with classic furniture, but modern amenities such as air conditioning and wireless internet access are also available.

There are also many activities for guests to enjoy on-site, which include SPA treatments and the visit to the botanical garden. The Museo Becal is located only 10 miles away and is a great way to spend the morning after a succulent breakfast at Hacienda Santa Rosa.

Hacienda San Francisco Tzacalha

Address: San Francisco Manzanilla, 97500 Dzidzantún, Yucatan, Mexico

Best Known For: Their sublime swimming pool, the games room, and the authentic charming rooms

What To Do Around: Santa Clara, a typical fisherman village – San Crisanto Mangrove – Beaches of Dzilam de Bravo

Located in the town of Dzindzantún, Hacienda San Francisco Tzacalha is an old henequen hacienda from the 19th century, today converted into a charming hotel.

Hotel Hacienda San Francisco Tzacalha is a cozy place with modern amenities, complemented by the past. It invites you for a stay full of comfort as well as family time or romance with your other half.

The Mayan culture was not only known for their brilliant stone temples and pyramids but also their ingenious chultunes. These unique, water-capturing wells were designed to provide a place of relaxation which contrasts with the hectic atmosphere of near Merida.

The hacienda has a swimming pool and just 10 km north of Dzidzantún is the Santa Clara beach, with clean waters that are perfect for all water lovers!

The Mérida Manuel Crescencio Rejón International Airport (MID) is only 1 hour 24 minutes away from this magical property in Dzidzantún, Yucatán State.


The haciendas of the Yucatan Peninsula are relics from another era that offer travelers an opportunity to experience life on a plantation.

These estates have been preserved by their owners and today, they remain beautiful examples of Mexican culture with modern amenities.

In conclusion, you certainly will not regret visiting and spending some time at one of these unique, authentic, and veritable haciendas of the Yucatan Peninsula.

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