Voyager en Mexique avec une personne à mobilité réduite


Mexico is a tourist destination with an established reputation. Vacationers from all over the world choose to travel there for their resort stay. This is easily understood: the country has many magnificent beaches, sites rich in history, a unique culture without forgetting its gastronomy. All of this means that millions of visitors come there every year.

Even more interesting, the main cities have the necessary infrastructure to provide the best welcome to all categories of the public. Everyone can benefit from the conditions adapted for a pleasant stay.

And as mentioned earlier in the text, including people with disabilities.

Are you planning to go there with someone with reduced mobility? Please note that you will be able to find many places suitable for tourism. Find out exactly what information you need to know to fully enjoy a Mexican getaway if you are in the company of a disabled traveler.

Before proceeding to the article, remember that if you plan to visit the beaches of Quintana Roo, you will have to pay the state tax – Visitax .

Enjoying a trip to Mexico with a person with reduced mobility

Contrary to what you might think, enjoying a trip to Mexico with a disabled person is not complicated. Either way, it’s best to do your research before flying to this destination. In particular, you must choose a place that offers the essential structures for a stay in the best conditions.

As for the means of transport, the best alternative remains the air route. Traveling by plane offers optimal comfort. In addition, airports offer adequate infrastructure for transfers. These places are specially designed so that wheelchairs can move around easily. Furthermore, the services available on site have been designed for all categories of customers, including people with reduced mobility.

In addition to the choice of means of transport, you must also think about the systems in place in each city to accommodate people with disabilities. Knowing that not all cities offer the same conditions for receiving these. Only a few allow individuals with reduced mobility to move easily within them. So, which cities offer the best welcome in this sense?

Mexico City, capital of Mexico


Mexico City is a destination that attracts the interest of tourists, as it is the capital of the country. Exploring the city’s must-see sites can be a real challenge for people with reduced mobility. But it remains possible. There are a few places not to be missed:

  • The Metropolitan Cathedral

This monument at the top of the list of the most visited in Mexico is not as difficult to access as you might think. In fact, people in wheelchairs can enter easily. You will nevertheless have to take the entrance to the right of its facade. There is, in fact, a ramp. From the moment you enter, you will be able to move from room to room with ease.

  • The viewpoint of the Latin America Tower

This site is ideal for a visit with people with reduced mobility. All categories of public can pass through its entrance. Once inside, everyone can go up to the 37th floor and enjoy breathtaking views of the city.

  • Other places of interest for travelers with disabilities

There are other places in Mexico City that provide adequate accommodation for people with reduced mobility. We can notably cite the Palace of Fine Arts or the Templo Mayor museum. For walks, Parque Mexico and Parque España should be mentioned. These places offer infrastructure to accommodate wheelchairs.


After Mexico City, Cancun is a popular Mexican destination. It welcomes travelers to the Mexican Caribbean and offers several interesting attractions. Added to this is the fact that the city offers specific infrastructure to ensure a good welcome for disabled travelers .

Thus, a large number of Cancun beaches have ramps (cement or wooden) so that wheelchairs can move easily from the parking lot. Note that these are most often beaches which are adjacent to hotels. Moreover, within these establishments, people with reduced mobility generally benefit from adequate reception. They are most often equipped with access ramps, but also chairs specially designed to adapt to certain disabilities.

Moreover, it should be noted that the hotel zones in Cancún constitute excellent sports for enjoying beautiful walks. Most spaces offer good accessibility infrastructure. Furthermore, the premises benefit from specific facilities so that all categories of individuals can take full advantage of all the attractions available.

People who like to party are not left out. Indeed, there are several nightclubs which offer suitable structures for night owls who use wheelchairs. The entrances are designed to facilitate the circulation of wheelchairs. Furthermore, the installation of the tables is such that comfort can be ensured for everyone.

Playa del Carmen

Many vacationers passing through Mexico plan a stopover in Playa del Carmen with its superb beaches. Disabled people are welcome and can move around comfortably. In particular, they can access restaurants, stores, but also beaches with ease.

It must be said that most of the beaches in Playa del Carmen are equipped for people with reduced mobility. Whether it is the access ramps, the wooden paths that cross the sand or even the toilets which are adapted for the disabled.


Vacationers passing through Mexico who are traveling with one or more people with reduced mobility can plan a trip to Cozumel. In this very visited city, all categories of vacationers will be able to enjoy a pleasant stay. Everyone benefits from good accessibility, including people with reduced mobility. Note that vacationers can go to the island by ferry or plane. Passengers in wheelchairs can very well make the journey in excellent conditions.

Travel is also easy for everyone once on the island. Vacationers, even those with disabilities, will be able to visit shops, sites, monuments, beaches and restaurants with ease. The presence of ramps and guardrails makes it easier for everyone to move around.



When it comes to holiday destinations suitable for people with reduced mobility, we cannot fail to mention Tulum with its Mayan ruins. Access to these is not really easy, but still remains within everyone’s reach. There are ramps that have been put in place to reach the monuments (even in a wheelchair). However, it should be noted that the walk is quite long and you must anticipate obstacles during the route and prepare for them.

An easier walk is to Santa Fe Beach and Mayan Beach. The latter has also been specially designed to facilitate the movement of individuals in wheelchairs.

Also, even if Tulum can be considered a fairly old city, it has been developed over the years to offer the best welcome for all categories of visitors. In addition, public spaces also benefit from arrangements so that visitors with disabilities can also enjoy the getaway.

You should know that this is only an overview of the Mexican destinations where you can go if you are traveling with people with reduced mobility. These cities offer interesting amenities to ensure a pleasant stay for everyone. This is a non-exhaustive list, there are most likely other places in the country where disabled people can enjoy a pleasant stay. The ideal is to do your research before flying to Mexico and ensure that your getaway will take place in the best conditions.

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