Comment voyager avec votre animal de compagnie au Mexique?


Are you planning to travel to Mexico with your pet? Mexico is one of the best destinations for summer vacations. But would it be the ideal destination to take your pet? Are you allowed to have your four-legged friend with you? Certain rules must be respected.

In this article, we invite you to discover the main information you need to know on the subject. Thanks to the information we reveal to you below, you will travel to Mexico with your pet with complete peace of mind! If you want to show your pet the Caribbean coast of Mexico, don’t forget to pay the Visitax tourist tax, which is mandatory for all tourists visiting the cities of the state of Quintana Roo.

Is it possible to travel to Mexico with a pet?

It is completely allowed to travel to Mexico with your pet, whether it is a dog or a cat. However, before booking your plane ticket, be aware of the regulations you must follow to be allowed to enter the country with pets.

How many pets can a traveler bring with them?

The regulations specify that if you wish to travel to Mexico with a pet, you can be accompanied by two pets. If you must have more than two with you, you will be required to pay additional charges for each additional animal.

What you need to know before going to Mexico with your cat or dog

Traveling by plane, especially since you are going to a destination far from home, can be particularly tiring, both for you and for your pet. For this reason, before your departure, good preparation is essential.

Since you will be traveling by plane, you will be dealing with an airline. The latter will require that you place your pet in a cage during the entire flight. Your role will be to ensure that your pet is perfectly comfortable and enjoys excellent comfort. You will have to assess the weight of the cage, as well as that of the animal.

In the event that the total weight exceeds 45 kg, your animal will be considered cargo. This may cost you additional fees.

Don’t forget to label your companion’s cage. You must write your name, your address, as well as the telephone number on which you can be reached once you arrive at your destination. Inside the cage, you must have a cloth or material thick enough to absorb the animal’s dirt. You will also put a bowl there so that crew members can give food to your cat or dog.


Documents to present once in Mexico

When you crush Mexican soil with your furball, you must provide documentation confirming that your pet is in good health. You can obtain them from an organization approved by the authorities in your country. Various information must be included in these documents, in this case:

  • Your name, telephone number, address in the country of destination;
  • A general description of your pet;
  • Proof certifying that your animal was treated with dewormer during the six months before its arrival in Mexico;
  • Proof of vaccination against distemper. This must include the dates on which the vaccines were made, as well as their expiry date. Vaccination is not required if your animal is less than three months old;
  • Proof of rabies vaccination. The vaccination and expiration dates must once again appear on the document. The vaccine will not be essential if your cat or dog is less than three months old.

Some rules to follow when you are in Mexico with your cat or dog

Once you have landed with your pet, you will have to comply with some local rules. First of all, it is strongly recommended not to leave your pet alone in a car. Since temperatures in Mexico are relatively high, this may harm your pet’s health and yours.

Whether you are in a large city in the country or in a rural area, you must take care of your pet’s waste. You will therefore have to collect them, then throw them in the crates intended for this. In addition, if you plan to use public transport, such as the bus, there will also be rules to follow. In principle, if you travel by bus, you must store your animal in its cage in the hold. In the case of a service animal, you will be authorized to travel with it on public transportation.

A little advice: before entering a commercial building or catering establishment with your pet, find out if pets are allowed there.

Generally speaking, this will not be allowed in major cities unless you have a service animal. In certain premises, spaces are set up to accommodate pets. You can leave your companion there while you do what you need to do.

If you also go to the beach, remember to find out whether or not it is allowed to take your cat or dog there. Finally, if you need help walking your pet, in Mexico you can take advantage of the services of many dog ​​walkers. The main cities of the country have several service providers working in this field.

Things to check once you return to your country of origin

When returning to your country of origin, you will have to meet certain conditions in order to be able to enter the territory with your four-legged friend. Do not hesitate to inquire about the subject, as in each country the rules may be different.

In any case, if you plan to travel to Mexico with your pet, the main points to know are mentioned above.

Finally, let us point out that this article talks in particular about regulations to respect if you are thinking of traveling with a domestic animal, such as a cat or dog. If you want to bring a reptile, monkey or bird, other procedures will be required. This may also require obtaining additional permits.

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