The Most Convenient Options to Get from Cancun to Merida

Merida is a historically rich and beautiful colonial city in the state of Yucatan, Mexico. This warm tropical paradise boasts towering churches from an era gone by and its Caribbean charm with its laid-back atmosphere, and much more.

But to enjoy it in real life, how to get from Cancun to Merida? If you want to know the different options to get from Cancun to Merida, then look no further.

In this full guide, we have all the information that will help you make a decision and reach Merida safely and efficiently.

Apart from that, we’ll cover some important points such as the best time to travel, safety precautions, and more.

Best Months To Visit Merida, Mexico

Mérida is an incredible place to visit with lots of things to do. If you’re looking for a city that’s not too hot and has plenty on offer, it should be your next destination.

Opting for the time period between December and March will give you dry weather which means it’ll be easy enough to walk around and enjoy the churches and Mayan sites.

The best part about visiting during this season? It coincides with Mérida Fest, one of the largest annual festivals held across Yucatan. They honor their founding by dressing up with traditional clothes reflecting their heritage and there are even fireworks at night.

Best Months To Visit Merida, Mexico

Is Merida Worth Visiting?

Located three to four hours west of the powdery beaches in Cancun, Merida is one of Mexico’s safest cities. In fact, it has even been voted as its cultural capital due to its diverse art, architecture, and food.

Whether you’re visiting for a week or just a few nights, there are so many things that can be done. From attending concerts to tasting traditional Mexican dishes to visiting gorgeous cenotes, you’re in for a treat.

All in all, yes, Merida is definitely worth a visit and worth the road from Cancun.

While Merida is a unique city that can’t be missed, bear in mind that you’ll need to pay the tourism tax in Cancun upon arrival. In fact, for all international entries in Quintana Roo, this $38 tourism is to be paid for by all travelers.

Are There Beaches in Merida?

Merida is an inland city and, for this reason, there are no beaches around. However, there are a number of beaches within an hour or less from Merida Mexico.

How Far is Merida from the Beach?

As mentioned previously, there are no beaches in Merida itself. That being said, there’s an abundance of gorgeous beaches nearby that are perfect for those seeking peace and tranquility.

The nearest beach from Merida is Progreso located 27 miles away north. From pretty parks lined in palm trees to seaside restaurants serving fresh seafood dishes; it has all you need when looking for a break by the sea.

How Far is Merida from the Beach?

What is The Fastest Way to Get from Cancun to Mérida?

Merida is located a little less than 200 miles away from Cancun and, of course, you want to know how to get from Cancun to Merida as quickly as possible.

The most convenient and fastest option to get from Cancún to Mérida is to rent a car and drive there yourself.

Renting a car in Cancun will range anywhere from $10 to $25 for an average vehicle and $40 and more for SUVs and high-end cars.

How far is it from Cancun Airport to Merida?

The distance from Cancun is around 190 miles. However, from Cancun airport to Merida, the distance is longer by a few miles, 192 miles. It takes between 3.5 to 4 hours by car.

How to Get from Cancun to Merida

The Yucatan region of Mexico is home to two major cities, Valladolid and Merida. Both are great destinations for visitors who want to explore the Mayan ruins or shop in some authentic Mexican markets.

But each one offers unique cultural experiences that make them worthwhile getaways on their own merits. That said, let’s go through how to get from Cancun to Merida here below.

Bus Cancun to Merida Mexico

Take an ADO Bus Cancun to Merida Mexico

The cheapest option to get from Cancun to Merida is by taking one of Mexico’s most reliable busses, ADO.

The ADO bus tickets from Cancun to Merida start at 400MXN/20 USD and can go up to 800MXN/$40 depending on the service and seat. The buses depart either the Central Bus Station in Cancun or the Airport.

With the average bus trip averaging 4 hours, getting to Merida won’t be too much of a hassle.

Did we mention that, on top of regular and first-class seats, you can also select ADO Conecta and ADO Platino buses to get a more exclusive feeling aboard?

ADO bus trips from Cancun to Merida run nearly every hour from 1.00 AM to 8.00 PM.

How Much Does a Bus Trip from Cancun to Merida Cost?

With the ADO bus, you’ll have different travel packages and options available and, obviously, prices will vary.

The regular line, ADO buses, offer prices ranging from 267MXN/$13 to 506MXN/$25 depending on the hours. Early mornings and early afternoons are the cheapest in price which is great if you’re on a budget.

In addition, you can opt for ADO GL buses which are slightly more luxurious than their regular line. The difference is having a cafeteria onboard as well as a USB port and drinks available. ADO GL seats will vary between 333MXN/$16 to 622MXN/$31.

Last but not least, the best line is ADO Platinum. With extra services such as a proper electrical plug, reclining seat technology, and a travel kit, 4 hours or so will quickly pass by. The price for ADO Platino trips will cost you between 495MXN/$25 to 545MXN/$27.

Are There Direct Buses Between Cancun and Merida?

All ADO buses from Cancun to Merida are direct and you’ll reach your destination in 4 to 5 hours.

Private Transfer from Cancun to Merida

Choosing to take a private shuttle from Cancun to Merida is the most convenient option and it will save you time and hassle. However, prices are much higher than bus trips and car rentals.

There are several prices for private transfers from Cancun to Merida depending on the company. That said, the cost can vary between $235 to $400 one way or $645 $800 for a round-trip journey.

What is also convenient about choosing a private transfer is that you’ll be able to travel with a big group of up to 10 people.

As a rule of thumb, private transfers are air-conditioned, luxurious, and have bilingual staff to help you in English.

Renting a Car and Driving from Cancun to Merida

Rent a car from Cancun to Merida and explore the Yucatan peninsula at your own pace. If you’re looking for some personal freedom on your vacation, then renting a vehicle is definitely an option worth considering.

You can find rental options both within city limits as well as right outside of the airport to make it easier when picking up your car.

Driving to Merida from Cancun will only take 3.5 hours if you’re not stopping and 4 to 5 hours stopping once or twice on Highway 180.

It’s important to note that rental car scams here are not uncommon. In fact, some agencies might push you to get extra insurance saying that it’s mandatory. However, it isn’t and your travel insurance will suffice.

If you happen to be in that situation, and when possible, leave it and check with other providers.

Also, make sure to take photos before and after renting the car as they might charge you extra fees for scratches that you’re not responsible of.

As mentioned previously, Valladolid is another great travel destination and, when renting a car from Cancun, you’ll get to see both cities in one go.

To sum up, whether traveling solo or with friends/family by their side, driving through Mexico’s most popular destinations has never been so convenient.

Are you Safe Driving from Cancun to Merida?

Just like the rest of the Yucatan Peninsula, driving to Merida from Cancun and its international airport is very safe and the road itself is a straight line. While it might get boring with no special scenery, you won’t need to worry about any safety issues.

Jump on a Taxi (or an Uber) from Cancun to Merida

Taxi (or an Uber) from Cancun to Merida

Lastly on our list of how to get from Cancun to Merida, hiring a taxi or calling a Uber might simply be the best option if budget isn’t a problem for you.

With air-conditioned and comfortable vehicles, you’ll get to enjoy a private ride and much quicker than in a bus.

Also, you can ask your driver to stop on the way which is great if you’re thirsty or want to go to the restroom.

Of course, since taxi scams are common, we recommend comparing the price with Uber before jumping into a local one.

In plain words, if you can’t drive and really don’t mind about your budget, then hiring a Uber is the right solution for you.

How Much is the Taxi Fare From Cancun to Merida?

Uber can be a cheap and convenient option for getting around Mexico in just minutes. That being said, it will result in being (reasonably) more expensive.

For instance, getting from Cancun to Merida will cost about 4,400MXN/$221 to take an Uber from Cancun to Merida outside of peak hours.

On the other hand, hiring a local taxi is more expensive and will set you back around 5,000MXN/$250 or more, depending on hours.

Is it Safe to Get a Taxi in Cancun?

Simply put, yes, getting a taxi in Cancun is safe. We recommend, though, to call a driver in the hotel zone where they are typically very safe and ensure your peace of mind.

On the other hand, taxis downtown are also useful and you won’t need to specifically worry about being attacked or other risks.

The worst that could happen to you in a taxi in Cancun would be to get scammed with high rates or receiving bad customer service.

Get a Taxi in Cancun


The way to get from Cancun to Merida isn’t short but it doesn’t have to be complicated. With several options available from bus trips to private transfers to calling a taxi, there’s a way for everyone and every budget.

And finally, remember this trip isn’t just about getting from points A to B. It’s all about enjoying everything along the journey as well and you won’t be disappointing stopping and discovering Yucatan.

In conclusion, this was how to get from Cancun to Merida and we’re confident you will enjoy your itinerary just as much as in the whole of Mexico.

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