The Best Grouper Fishing Season in Cancun


Sport fishing – a hobby that requires professional equipment, a powerful boat, and the right meteorological and environmental conditions. And when it comes to deep-sea fishing the Gulf of Mexico’s waters are among the best. Cancun in particular offers perfect conditions for fishing grouper.

Located between the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and the Caribbean Sea, this region attracts more fish compared to other destinations where sport fishing is practiced.

The waters surrounding Isla Mujeres are very popular, especially if chasing a grouper.

Before continuing to our guide on grouper fishing in the region of Cancun, do not forget to pay your Visitax – the new tourist tax for visiting the state of Quintana Roo.

Best Grouper Fishing Season in Cancun

Without a doubt, one of the requirements for having successful fishing is to define the best season for deep-sea fishing in Mexico.

And when it comes to grouper fishing around Cancun, it is important to note that this species can be found all over the year with the peak period between September and January due to the fish being more active during this time.

Why is grouper fishing famous in Cancun?

Most deep-sea fishing lovers who come to Cancun know that fishing grouper is one of the best due to the thrill of hunting, chasing, and catching it. Although not among the fastest species, it resides on the bottom of the sea and therefore special techniques and skills are needed to catch it, especially if it comes to a giant grouper.

How to identify a grouper?

If you are not familiar with this type of fish, it may be useful to know that it is very easy to identify it – it has intense colors, robust body, large head, and a larger lower jaw.

Its body can measure more than 36 inches and can exceed 200 pounds in weight. It is recommended that those who decide to chase it prepare to grip very hard since it will offer resistance during its capture.

How to plan grouper fishing in Cancun?

Planning a fishing trip to Cancun is not difficult. There are numerous companies that offer this type of service with everything you need to enjoy the experience.

A brief search on the internet will show you the best fishing firms. The travel agencies too can advise you which companies to use.

Where to fish for grouper in Cancun?

As mentioned above, the waters around Cancun are ideal for deep-sea fishing, and, when it comes to grouper, almost any time of the year is perfect to catch it with the waters around Isla Mujeres offering the best opportunities.

What is the price of the fishing tours in Cancun?

The price of these excursions varies depending on several factors. You’ll have to take into account:

  • The number of people per departure and the type of excursion
  • The duration of the excursion
  • Equipment on board
  • The food during the tour
  • Whether or not you will require transportation service from the hotel to the point of departure
  • The destination of the excursion

The estimated cost of this type of activity starts usually from 300 USD.

Do you need to be an expert to go fishing in Cancun?

No, no need to be experienced in grouper fishing. Most of the companies have skilled fishermen who are ready to train you and serve as guides on the tours.

If you are heading to Quintana Roo and especially if you plan a trip to Cancun for grouper fishing, please bear in mind the following:

  • It is important to organize in advance all the details related to such an activity. Through a brief search, you will be able to identify what kind of services you prefer and the best prices. You will also have the opportunity to verify the companies with the best references in this area.
  • Do not forget that it is essential to use comfortable and appropriate clothing such as sports caps and sunglasses.
  • The use of a protective cream with high protection factor is also very important to avoid possible burns.
  • If you suffer from dizziness, do not forget to take your remedy so that you can enjoy the exit to the fullest.
  • Getting out the fish from the water, especially if you are lucky to catch a giant grouper can be dangerous and can last more than an hour. Be sure you and the company you are hiring have the right equipment and skills.
  • Do not forget to pay your Visitax.

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